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Live a life of purpose, in full BLOOM, for His glory

About Us

To truly thrive, women need opportunities to seek the Lord apart from the stresses of everyday life and in the company of sisters in Christ. This weekend is the perfect opportunity to experience the presence of the Lord, powerful worship, wisdom-filled sessions, and great fellowship. Join us as we dive deep into Fierce Reverence. Come be Loved. Encouraged. Challenged. Refreshed. Filled. Accepted. Appreciated. Strengthened. Changed.

Our Story

Bloom Women's Event was started over 15 years ago by a group of ladies who love the Lord and love ladies.  We are sponsored and covered by House of the Lord Church in Oldtown, Idaho.  House of the Lord is an MFI Affiliated Church. For more information about House of the Lord church visit their website at www.houseofthelordchurch.comOver the last 15 years our event has grown into a regional, non-denominational event where we have over 20 different churches attending. It is the heart of our Bloom Team to have an event where ladies can spend a weekend with the Lord, worshipping, learning and fellowshipping with other believers. 

Meet The Bloom Team

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